July 4th Parade in Evanston

  • Join us in the Evanston July 4th Parade to Overturn Citizens United.

    Corporations are not people.

    Money is not free speech.

    Here’s one example of the problem–

    The Cause:

    In 2010, the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to unlimited spending in elections through its Citizens United ruling.

    One Outcome:

    This past week, on the heels of the Orlando shootings, the Senate was unable to pass background checks for gun sales. No surprises here– Gun Rights interests outspent Gun Control in political contributions by 7 times ($770, 000 to Mitch McConnell alone).

    Similar horror stories abound with Energy, Telecommunications, Food, and Banking.

    Imagine if you could voice your concern to your elected officials.  You will have that chance on the Fourth of July if you come and join us in the Evanston Parade.  Jan Schakowsky came up to us last year and was impressed that we were even marching.

    Imagine what she will think when we have 150 instead of 15 in our group this year.  You can make that happen.  Please join us.

    We are listed in the parade directory as “End Citizens United.” We are parade entry #79 and will gather in Sector #11 (south side of Central between Lawndale and Ridgeway) between 12:30pm and  2:00 pm when the parade starts.

    See you on the Fourth, Patriots!

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