Follow the Money, if you can

“Follow the money” was “Deep Throat’s” advice to Bob Woodward during Watergate. Citizens United, a Supreme Court ruling, grants corporations unlimited influence on the candidate funding process, making the “money” trail impossible to find. Dark pools of money, even foreign countries, will now be able to fund candidates of their choosing. The best interests of the public are not served.

Even if you can rationalize the housing bubble of 2008, when banks were rescued with loans, but homeowners were left to fend for themselves, even if you can rationalize climate change denial, endless military involvement in the middle-East, saturated media concentration, permissive gun laws, lax food regulations, onerous drug re-importation rules, it is impossible to avoid suspicion of unseen forces at work politically, derailing the best interests of the public in favor of perks to the few and moneyed influences.

The credibility of our government is challenged further by this ruling as it distances the concept of government as “by and for the people.” Credibility will continue to erode until people take a stand and push back. The public’s influence can never be underestimated when dealing with government. This is THE BIG ISSUE for our time.

Please join us in our quest to “Overturn Citizens United.” We hope to meet you at Evanston’s Fourth of July parade.


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